Top Mini PC’s Under $150

Why should I use a mini PC?
You can’t do everything on an Android or iOS phone. If you’re frequently moving between locations and want to work on Windows, a mini PC gives you the ability to connect and carry on from where you left off. It’s also great for space, more power-efficient, and can be easily hidden behind a TV for your entertainment center. It also is an affordable way to have a new PC.

Best overall: T11
The size of a TV box and included genuine windows 10, an Intel Cherry Trail processor and 32GB hard drive and 4GB ram. Multiple ports on the side. At 4.7 x4.7 x 0.9 inches and weighing under half a pound, MN11 is both manageable and easy to hide on a desktop. The underside features an empty SATA slot so you can install a larger SSD drive for added storage. The CTY T11 is a hot portable office or media center PC.

Top Spec: XCY X30
By far the most powerful, this has a desktop CPU upgradeable ram and storage. Just like a PC. The built-in video card also allows you to use dual monitors. It is larger than others but gives you the power to run even intensive programs on the move.

Best budget: W5 PRO 
This card-sized mini PC not only looks cool but offers a whole suite of features that it’s larger counterparts don’t. Powered by a 1.92-GHz Intel Atom “Cherry Trail” Z8350 CPU and Intel HD Graphic GPU, you get a smooth experience when you download files and run apps. If that’s not enough for you, you can add additional extra space via a microSD card or USB hard drive.

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