Is Your Huawei Charging Slow? Here’s Why Every Quick Charger is Not The Same.

Have you ever noticed your Huawei charges slowly when it’s plugged into anything but the original charger? FCP charging is unique to Huawei; if you bought one of their mighty flagships in the last few years, you need a special charger. There are many QC chargers, but only a few FCP chargers available. The Blizwolf S6 is an FCP charger and will fast charge any Huawei FCP phone. The S6 loaded with FCP, Apple, Samsung, and QC compatibility.

Why won’t QC 4.0 fast charge Huawei phones?
They might all use the same cables, but fast charging is not as simple as just having a more powerful charger, there are multiple fast charging methods. One of the most common is QC. The downside with QC is it requires a Qualcomm chip device, and phone makers also need to pay for licensing. Some companies like Huawei developed their own in-house protocol, so you can only get the best charge with their particular charging method.

Some quick charging protocols
MediaTek PUMP Express
Huawei FCP
Samsung AFC
Apple BC1.2
QC 2.0/3.0/4.0/4.0+
PD (open system)

PD will standardize fast charging… one day…
On the charging front, PD charging is set to become the one standard for the future. This Type-C only charging method requires no licensing costs and is built to be universal. Many have already adopted this, and even some of the latest Huawei models will rapidly charge via FCP. However, some brands still use their own protocols as an advertising advantage. The S6 is capable of charging almost every fast charge device on the market including Huawei FCP.

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