Top 5: Xiaomi Products You Never Knew Existed

We all know Xiaomi makes phones, but did you know they have a wide range of other items? The big ones, such as the Fimi drones and gimbals are blasted over the media, but the many other releases often go under the radar outside of China. We have rounded up a few that didn’t get extensive publicity.

Xiaomi Wiha 25 in 1 Screw Driver Kit
With 24pcs different heads, it’s got a size for almost every DIY project.

Xiaomi released this 25in1 screwdriver kit co-produced with Wiha, a Germany-based high-quality hand tools manufacturer. With a metal sliding case and magnetic bracket, the whole design of this screwdriver is not only tough but also visually impressive. Enjoy Xiaomi style with Wiha strength.

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro
Fully spec-loaded dashcam for keeping you and your car safe, the new triangle design is slim and can be installed behind the rearview mirror for an unseen installation. The 70mai has an internal smart computer that alerts you if you are too close to another car or driving out of your lane.

Xiaomi Vima Smart Lock
Sure you’ve seen their smart-home sensors, security, and lights, but they also have an advanced door lock. The Vima smart lock has a comprehensive set of rules for each key so you can give keys to people and the keys will only work at specific times. You can also control it remotely from the app. It does need some DIY skills to install in the door, but once setup gives you a customizable smart door lock.

Xiaomi iHealth Non-contact Thermometer
Designed to be quick, painless and wireless, the latest iHealth Thermometer can measure highly accurately in 1 second. Compared to regular thermometers, iHealth’s no-contact tech keeps everything sanitary. These are in hot demand right now and stock is limited.

Xiaomi LF Massage Sticker
Remove your daily dog-tired feeling by massaging your body! This finger-sized device incorporates pulse massage technology and comes with 5 massage modes including automatic, ten-intensity massage, kneading, press, and tap. You can relax your body anytime anywhere.

Stick it on anywhere you feel pain and turn it on. Based on the TENS nerve stimulation principle, it is proven to relieve muscle pain and fatigue.

Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Meter Tester
This TDS water Quality Tester can detect the purity of the water in a few seconds. If you are concerned about the health of your water, or at least the purity of it, this is an accurate way to test how much other things are dissolved in your water. There are lots of ways to test your water, and this is by far the most popular thing to measure. Taking measurements is easy with this little Xiaomi creation.

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