SSD’s do You Really Need Top Speed, How Fast is Too Fast?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the speed upgrade I made to my 5-year-old PC, adding an SSD, now we’re digging deeper and looking just at SSD’s and whether the latest top rated drive is even worth boasting about. We bought a Samsung EVO 850 and a Chinese brand Kingfast SSD.

Samsung: 550 MB per second
This was twice the cost of the Kingfast and offers the best overall speeds when compared to other SSD drives in the market. It is one of the best available.

KingFast: 400 MB per second
On the lower end of the price spectrum but still offers a warranty. It rates on the low end of SSD performance and does perform slower in benchmark tests.

Benchmark Vs. Reality
When tested head to head it is clear Samsung is the winner. But how does that translate into real-world performance?

A regular HDD maxes out at about 80-120 MB per second, all SSD’s are faster than this.

Even the Kingfast is many times faster than a regular HDD, and for the average PC having 400 MBPS or 550MBPS is going to have a little noticeable effect.

That might sound strange as the Samsung has an extra 150MB of speed, but there is currently no regular software or gaming situation that would benefit from such speeds.

The speed we can’t appreciate yet…
The true speeds of SSD’s are still to be realized and this is a tech that has turned the bottleneck on its head, now accessing the data is not the slow part, the processing is the slow part.
The next jump will be the type of media we are consuming and the bandwidth requirements. So right now the internet speed and lack of need for full SSD speed is the reason little is seen between brands in the real world use.

In short: Why you don’t need the fastest SSD
> Most people will be happy with any SSD when moving from a mechanical, just make sure it has a warranty.
> Any SSD will dramatically increase performance. Unless you are copying large files or many smaller files you won’t notice any difference between SSD’s, they will all startup and open apps at almost the same speed.
> With an SSD the speed of the drive is not the bottleneck, so pushing a faster drive won’t make your system faster.
> The need for full speed SSD systems will only be driven by a change in media consumption, likely from VR and 3D or AI processing.
> Internet speed is the general big bottleneck regarding fast data access.

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