Best iPhone 2020: which Apple phone is the top choice for you?

Picking the best iPhone depends on your budget, needs, and tastes. Thanks to the choice in Apple’s range, you can find yourself a decent iPhone that will get software updates for at least four years, or you can opt to upgrade every year.

Before buying, you should know that Apple’s newest phones have launched, and there are four to choose from: the iPhone 12, the smaller iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the large iPhone 12 Pro Max. The are available now.

Below we’ve ranked all the iPhones that Apple currently sells, plus models that are still available from other retailers. At the moment we think the iPhone 12 is the best iPhone for most people, but you might not be most people. Take a look at our buying advice and standalone reviews to see which iPhone will suit your pocket.

Best iPhone: which one should you buy today?
1. iPhone 12 → The best Apple iPhone bang for your buck
2.iPhone 12 mini → The same as above, but smaller
3.iPhone 12 Pro → Our third favorite iPhone
4.iPhone 12 Pro Max → The very best iPhone when it comes to spec
5. iPhone 11 → Once the very best iPhone
6. iPhone SE → The choice for those who want a cheaper iPhone
7. iPhone 11 Pro → Once the best, but a bit too pricey
8. iPhone 11 Pro Max → Big phone, top price
9. iPhone XS → Another option for those looking for something compact
10. iPhone XS Max → The iPhone XS Max is still a big, speedy phone
11. iPhone XR → Cheaper than ever
12. iPhone X → The iPhone that changed the range

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