VARTA CP1654_A3 Li-ion Battery

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CP1654_A3 Battery for VARTA CP1654 A3 Bluetoot Headset 0.4WH)

Price :£ 21.00
£ 25.20(Shipped Within 24 hours!)

* 100% compatible in replacing your original battery.
* The battery to power your VARTA CP1654 A3 Bluetoot Headset and more of the models.
* Longer lifespan - thanks to modern Lithium technology without memory effect..
* Guaranteed safety: Protected against Short-circuits, Overheating and Overvoltage.
* Made with high quality parts and guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.

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Item Code ECN11012_Hed_Oth
Condition Replacement, Brand New
Cell Type Li-ion
Capacity 0.4WH
Voltage 3.7V

Revive your battery life with a brand new VARTA CP1654_A3 battery from Batterie Star. This battery is compatible with the VARTA CP1654 A3 Bluetoot Headset and the CP1654_A3 models. If your laptop model begins with this sequence of numbers in the model number, this is your battery no matter what numbers follow the beginning sequence. Additional compatible laptop models and battery part numbers are listed.

This VARTA CP1654 A3 Bluetoot Headset battery is typically superior to the original battery and is 100% compatible with your VARTA CP1654 A3 Bluetoot Headset. Each CP1654_A3 battery is individually tested before shipment and backed by 30 day complete satisfaction guarantee and a 12 Month warranty.

Compatible partnumbers:

This product is compatible with:

VARTA CP1654 A3 Bluetoot Headset
CP1654_A3 CP1654_A3


Q: How to check this battery is compatible with my laptop?

A: Please find out your old battery's part number or the exact model name of your laptop at first (like 'VARTA CP1654_A3'), then to match our product compatibility chart. Second please compare your old battery to our product images ensure their shape is same. Finally check the voltage(Rating) is same to your old battery's. More details please click How to find one correct battery for my laptop?

Q: Does your replacement VARTA CP1654_A3 battery compatibles with my originalVARTA CP1654_A3 battery?

A: 100% OEM compatible, guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original VARTA CP1654_A3 battery (ensue same size & high quality). And all our batteries for VARTA CP1654_A3 laptop have obtained international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ).

Q: How to charge a new battery for VARTA CP1654_A3 for the first time use?

A: New VARTA CP1654_A3 battery pack is normally shipped in its partially charged condition. Please cycle your new VARTA CP1654_A3 battery pack by fully charge and discharge it for 3-5 times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity before use. (Note: it is perfectly normal for a battery to become warm to the touch during charging and discharging).

New batteries are hard for your device to charge; they have never been fully charged and are therefore "unformed". Sometimes your device's charger will stop charging a new battery before it is fully charged. If this happens, simply remove the battery from your device and then re-insert it. The charge cycle should begin again. This may happen several times during your first battery charge. Don't worry; it's perfectly normal.

Q: How to Remove Replace Install and Upgrade your VARTA CP1654_A3 Headphones Battery?

A: 1. Turn your VARTA CP1654_A3 laptop over.

2. Find the Headphones Battery release button lock for your VARTA CP1654_A3 laptop.

3. Now that your VARTA CP1654_A3 Headphones Battery is unlocked, find the battery release button down.

4. Holding the laptop battery release button, gently pull your battery away from the laptop.

5. Now that your VARTA CP1654_A3 battery is removed, grab your replacement VARTA CP1654_A3 battery for installation.

6. Insert the battery into the slot. Push the VARTA CP1654_A3 battery towards the laptop and secure it in place.

This replacement VARTA CP1654_A3 battery pack is specially designed with multiple-protection circuit for maximum safety. The housing of the VARTA CP1654_A3 battery pack is made of non flammable and very durable plastic, which is fire retarded and avoids damage when dropped from low heights.

All our high quality replacement batteries for VARTA CP1654_A3 have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original VARTA battery performance and are 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications.This battery for VARTA CP1654_A3 comes with 1-Year limited warranty.

Thank you for purchasing this high quality replacement VARTA CP1654_A3 Headphones Battery at We have a strict testing process to ensure that your ordered products (like this battery for VARTA CP1654_A3) are functionally correct before they are packed and sent to you. And before placing an order please make sure that your old original VARTA CP1654_A3 battery's part number is listed at below and the shape is same to our batteries' images (please view the larger images for details).

Item Code ECN11012_Hed_Oth
Type Li-ion
Brand VARTA Compatible Headphones Battery
Capacity 0.4WH
Voltage 3.7V
Warranty 1 Year Warranty, 30-day money back guarantee!
Protections Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection
Certification RoHS, CE, FCC
Useful Life 300-500 Recharge Cycles

Assurance and warranty

The CP1654_A3 battery (0.4WH, ) comes with 12 months warranty. Besides this, we offer a unique 30-day money back guarantee: in case you are not satisfied with the product, for whatever the reason, you can always return it and get your money back.

Quality and safety

This CP1654_A3 battery (0.4WH, ) contains advanced technical components and has been tested according to strict CE safety standards. The CP1654_A3 battery contains a chip that prevents overcharging and short-circuiting. Next to this, the CP1654_A3 battery is made from high quality cells that do not suffer from a so-called 'memory effect'.

Factory Fast

The CP1654_A3 battery is factory fast. Batteries lose performance over their lifetime, even when they are not used. Many importers and resellers store their batteries in stock for a long time before they are sold. makes sure that the ordered battery can be shipped directly after production by working together with the manufacturers. So you can be sure that you will get a brand new high quality battery!

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